1st Annual Technology Hub Conference: My First Speaking Session!

Speaking / Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at my very first technical conference! I attended the Technology Hub conference in Appleton, WI. Some information about Technology Hub:

Bringing Northeastern Wisconsin to the Forefront of Technology
To host a conference focused on professional development in the IT field (rather than sales) and provide a resource for Northeastern Wisconsin’s IT professionals to learn and grow alongside their peers.
To host the premier technology conference focused on professional development which reaches all parts of Northeastern Wisconsin and beyond, and to be known as the primary resource for knowledge and skills development for IT Professionals.
I heard about Technology Hub from some of my MVPs local to the Appleton area, and jumped at the chance to apply for a speaker session! Since joining the Microsoft DX team, it has been a goal of mine to improve my public speaking, build my presence within the technical communities I engage with, and use the speaking opportunity to discuss topics that help people be the best people they can be! For my first ever speaking session, I delivered a talk I titled:
The objective of my talk was to highlight tips and best practices for creating positive, inclusive, and fulfilling work environments and communities. Using research on positive psychology, community and workforce development, I highlighted methods attendees can use to create their own nurturing tech communities and/or work spaces.


If you are interested in seeing me deliver this talk, you are in luck! You can catch “TechHappy” this coming January at CodeMash in Sandusky, OH! I will also be delivering a second session titled: Have Your Best Seasons Yet: Becoming a (Microsoft) MVP.



If you cannot attend CodeMash but are interested in the materials from this talk, you can view them here.


Overall, Technology Hub had an excellent inaugural event. About 20 folks attended my session, and I understand there were about 200 attendees at the conference. This was a great opportunity for the NE Wisconsin tech community to come together to learn and connect, and I look forward to attending (and hopefully speaking) next year!

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  1. Congrats on nailing your first tech talk at an awesome event like that! I’ve been wanting to get my first tech talk at a conference. I’ll be at CodeMash so I’ll def have to sit in for your talk!

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