What a Year (And Site Updates)!

Updates / Monday, September 26th, 2016

Hello! It’s been so many months since my last post, I don’t know where to start…

What a year it’s been! Twelve months ago, I could not walk, and now, I’m looking at photos from an amazing trip I took a few weeks ago where my mom and I walked about 60 miles across the beautiful countries of Iceland and Norway. This trip was a huge test physically, but I’m so happy that it went well and we had a blast (I’m sure my Facebook friends were pretty sick of my photos by the time our trip was over) :).

Apart from traveling, physical therapy, and enjoying the beautiful summer as much as possible, I managed to fit in a career change as well when I became a Community Program Manager at Microsoft this April. Life has been busy and I’ve been on-the-go since. In my new role, I’m working with Microsoft MVPs in the Central US (think ever state from Texas to Michigan). This has been a big move for me coming from the Microsoft Services world, and I am learning a ton.

I hope to post more on this site to share with you a few life updates as well as help build out some additional information about me that you may be interested in reading. On the menu, you can find a Speaking page where I will be linking my talks from conferences, podcasts, and videos. You’ll hear me speaking frequently about the MVP program, but I’ll also be speaking about workplace and organizational psychology topics. You will also find an updated “About Me” page.

Talk soon!

♥ Lisa

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